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    The Nerd of All Nerds, Nerdish


    Hey everyone!

    Some of you may know me already by the name Nerdish, others might already know me as Katie. I'm currently a Mod here on MCP, and I wanted to share a little about myself to the community.

    To begin things off, I am currently in my first year of college, and phew! Am I so glad to be out of high school. The subject I am aspiring to major in is actually Criminal Justice, from there I want to further my studies into becoming a cyber security personnel. I turned 19 just recently in June, and something unique about my birthday is that it's shared by two here in my household. I have an identical twin sister, who yes if you may ask, I call ugly all the time. I love to play games, watch movies, and eat whenever I can. Eating food has to be my #1 favorite hobby.

    If I am not doing either of those, I am sleeping, or playing on MCP. If you ever see me in game, don't be afraid to engage in conversation or ask me a question about anything, I don't bite!