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    Prestige Crates | PACIFIC EXCLUSIVE


    This thread will explain everything you need to know about prestige crates on Pacific

    Because we wanted to add an extra reward for people that prestige a lot we choose to add prestige crates!

    What are prestige crates
    Prestige crates are crates that you can buy with pcoins. If you but a crate it will give you three normal rewards and one final reward. these rewards will make your life a lot more fun on the server.

    How do you get pcoins
    You get pcoins from prestiging. After prestiging 5 times you receive a pcoin. Those pcoins can be used in the pshop

    /pcoins: This will show how many coins you have
    /pshop: This will open the crate shop where you can buy Prestige Crates and also show you the crates you already own.

    Different Tiers
    Tier 1: 2 Coins
    Tier 2: 5 Coins
    Tier 3: 10 Coins
    Tier 4: 25 Coins
    Tier 5: 50 Coins

    To see all the rewards you can always use the shop menu and click on the information section. Below are some of the rewards:

    Diamond mine acces
    Crate keys
    x4.0 boosters
    Brewing stands
    Knockback sticks
    Power Bow​