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    poptroiu1's Introduction


    New Explorer
    Hey everyone!

    I'm poptroiu1, but you can call me pop. I am a new member of MCPrisons and started playing it yesterday. If ever any of you want to give me tips/suggestions on how to get better at the game (I play on cursed btw), my DMs are open @poptroiu1#9462. You can also chat with me if you wish! This server seems very cool, and I hope that I will enjoy my experience in this server! I also play other games like GTA and Payday 2, so if you're ever interested, hmu.

    If any of you are wondering why I have SPED in front of my name, it's because two of my friends and I made a YouTube channel called Sped Squad.



    Senior Moderator
    Sr Mod
    Hey there, SPED_poptroiu1, welcome to the server. I hope you have fun playing, and if you have a question at any time, feel free to ask on the server or make a ticket in #tickets on our Discord by doing -new.

    - ItsDarkGame