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    New Pacific Guide


    New Explorer
    This is just a small add on to agcol's Guide!

    ◘ Etokens are now the main currency, Money has completely been scrapped.
    ◘ Etokens are used for upgrading your pickaxe, Ranking up, The shop and /casino, /cf, /ah, /shop!
    ◘ To spend them you do /enchant, /shop, /rankup.

    ◘ Ranks a-z got replaced by ranks 1-400
    ◘ Rank prestiges have been removed
    ◘ Each 5 ranks (5,10,15 etc.) you unlock a new block in your pmine which sells for 1 more then the previous block did!

    ◘ Spawn mines are removed, you can get to mines by doing /pmine, to get to yours do /mine and to go to someone's pmine do /pmine tp IGN (In Game name).
    ◘ You can't upgrade your Pmine with etokens anymore, the only way to upgrade it is by ranking up and getting better blocks!
    ◘ Other people can only mine at your mine if you bought the premium pmine (/buy ingame).
    ◘ When you mine at someone's Pmine it is likely that you haven't unlocked the block that is in the mine yet, since you can't use the command /sell with block you haven't unlocked you need to do /pshop IGN (In Game Name of Pmines owner), this allowes you to sell those blocks.
    ◘ If you are a Premium Pmines owner make sure to setup your Pmine to your likings, you can whitelist or ban players, set an certain amount of tax, set which block is in the mine and wether it is open or not! You also need to setup your pshop by doing /pshop , go to the most recent block you unlocked (/ranks if you don't know which one) and left click the block to enable it, after you enabled it you need to right click it: here you can switch modes from buying to selling or from selling to buying, for others to sell their blocks to your pshop you need to switch it to buying, after that you can set the price by clicking on the emerald, put it to 1-2 etokens under the official block price to gain profit when you are selling!

    ◘ Robots automatically mine etokens for you.
    ◘ You can increse the etokens mined by ranking up and upgrading Efficiency and Fortune, however this costs beacons!
    ◘ You can get robots from /buff, /crates, /ah, drop parties or just from players in chat!
    ◘ There are diffrent kinds of robots, I will be ranking them from best to worst and their cost in beacons;
    Gravel: 500 beacons
    Stone: 1000 beacons
    Redstone: 2000 beacons
    Lapis: 4000 beacons
    Iron: 8000 beacons
    Gold: 16000 beacons
    Diamond: 32000 beacons
    Emerald: 64000 beacons
    Obsidian: 128000 beacons
    Bedrock: 256000 beacons
    ◘ You can now merge robots! When picking up the robot, go into your inventory and simply drag and drop for them to upgrade ( Please keep in mind if you merge to max out iron robots it will be a non upgraded Diamond, it will not be maxed).
    ◘ By the way! If your robot breaks (there is no minion but a block) you can fix it by doing /robots, clicking on it, renaming it in the top right and picking it up! However sometimes robots break into pieces, if this happens to you please make a screenshot of it and make a ticket in our discord!

    ◘ A new casino has been added! (/casino) When the gui opens. you will be greeted with 4 different ways of gambling.
    ◘ Coinflip - 50/50 chance of winning. ( Keep in mind there is a 10% tax when creating a coinflip)
    ◘ Scratch Off - Bet some etokens a scratch off the card for a chance of winning big! Coal x1.25, Iron x1.5, Gold x2, Lapis x2.5, Diamond x3, Emerald x5.
    ◘ Lottery - Enter your tickets! 1 ticket = 500 etokens, when opening the gui you will see An area where you enter, A place to see the information and then the prize pool which contains your odds of winning. When clicking on the Prize pool section you will see the ammount of tickets a user has put into the lottery!
    ◘ Bar - Buy a drink and have a 50/50 chance to either double your money or get a nasty effect for a few seconds

    ◘ Beaconshop is the new buffstation, you can access it by doing /bshop, /buff, /beaconshop
    ◘ From he bshop you can earn things such as robots, potions, crystals, PVP Enchants and special titles (BeaconGrinder, BeaconMaster)
    ◘ Every type of robots can be purchased through the bshop however they are very expensive! The cheapest being 500 beacons (Gravel Robot) and the most expensive being 256,000 beacons ( Bedrock Robot )
    ◘ Potions include Speed, Jump, Healing, Invisibility, Weakness, Poison, Fire Resistance, Regeneration. Most of these enchants have level 1 & 2 (speed,Jump and Regeneration potions), however level 2 obviously costs more!
    ◘ PVP Enchants. PVP Enchants are very expensvie as Common costs 1,500 beacons, Uncommon costing 3,000 beacons, Rare costing 5,000 beacons, Epic costing 8,000 and legendary costs 12,000. /sshop has been removed as many of the enchants were highly overpowered.

    Crystals are very different on this pacific, including a new tier 4. The max % of an buff you can get is 20. You can obtain them from /crystal and Crystal Pouches.
    ◘ Crystal pouches can be obtained from all types of pouches, these pouches range from small to XL
    ◘ To access the crystal gui you do /crystal. In the gui you can purchase crystals which require beacons.
    ◘ To apply a crystal do /crystal and click the flower in the top right, you need a minimum of required blocks broken to equip crystals tho!:
    You need 100k blocks broken for the first crystal slot!
    You need 1m blocks broken for the second crystal slot!
    You need 10m blocks broken for the third crystal slot!
    You need 25m blocks broken for the fourth crystal slot!
    After you got the required blocks broken for a slot just drag and drop a crystal of your choice in the slot!

    Auto Miner
    ◘ Autominer automatically mines blocks for you, if you got autosell on your backpack it will automatically sell those blocks, giving you etokens.
    ◘ You can increase blocks earned by upgrading your autominer

    Vote System
    ◘ You can vote once on every link giving you 5 votes every day
    ◘ Every time you vote you get a ticket which can be used for giveaways in /giveaway
    ◘ When voting, you will reach milestones. Milestones are pretty self explanatory. When reaching a certain amount of votes, you will recieve keys and if you vote everyday the possibility to earn a voucher.

    ◘ To trade someone (or accept someone's trade) do /trade IGN
    ◘ If you want to trade someone etokens for beacons / beacons for etokens make sure you withdraw them first!

    ◘ If you don't want to search for an unclaimed plot do /plot auto
    ◘ You can get to your plot by doing /p h
    ◘ You can visit other people's plot by doing /p h IGN
    ◘ You can trust someone by doing /p h IGN , this will make it so they always got access to chests and are able to break blocks etc.
    ◘ You can add someone to your plot by doing /p h IGN , this will make it so they can only access chests, break blocks etc. when you are online
    ◘ If you got an rank (Rank as in Surfer Diver etc) you can claim multiple plots, if you find 2 unclaimed plots besides eachother you can claim both by standing on one at a time and typing /p claim, once you got both plots claimed you can merge them by looking in the direction of one and standing on the other one and typing /p merge

    ◘ You can withdraw etokens and beacons by doing /banker, a quick and easy GUI!
    ◘ If you want to withdraw boosters do /boosters -> Inactive Boosters -> Booster of your choice -> and then right-clicking one of them!

    Boosters and Outposts
    ◘ Boosters and Outposts are pretty much the same, both give you a boost for etokens/beacons/path when activated/captured. The boosters run out after some time and can only be gotten from /ah, /crates or people in chat. Outposts however can always be captured in /pvp and only expire when someone else captured the outpost!
    ◘ To capture an outpost make sure you are in an gang, otherwise you will not be able to claim them!

    Pickaxes & Prestiging
    ◘When Prestiging, you will
    receive a 20% increase in the enchants proc chance. The max prestige is 10.
    ◘To prestige you must have every single enchant maxed out!
    ◘Every time you prestige you will loose all of your enchants and will have to re enchant them however they cost more money!
    ◘Below is a guide which will tell you how many etokens you should get before prestiging in order to max out the
    pickaxe again!
    - Pickaxe Prestige Prices

    1. 1,125,181,575
    2. 1,350,217,890
    3. 1,620,261,468
    4. 1,944,313,762
    5. 2,333,176,514
    6. 2,799,811,817
    7. 3,359,774,181
    8. 4,031,729,017
    9. 4,838,074,820
    10. 5,805,689,784
    Useful Commands

    /en - Opens the enchant GUI
    /ah - Opens the auction house
    /crates - Brings you to the crates where you can redeem/use your crate keys
    /pvp - Brings you to the pvp area
    /pshop - Opens the pshop GUI
    /pmine - Opens the pmine GUI
    /shop - Opens the shop GUI where you can buy building blocks

    If you got questions or some things to add on to this guide just post them below or DM me on discord (Hermes#8695)

    Hope this helped