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    My quarry disappeared


    New Explorer
    yesterday i spent a long time mining 500 beacons then i sold them for 75m et so i could buy a quarry off of the ah that was going for 50m et so i bought it previously collecting a stone drill bit from sneakysnek who has a admiral rank and i placed it down around 7:45 ish last night when i returned this morning around 10 it was no longer there in my pmine
    originally i thought it was a visual glitch so i asked helper ricketpower and he told me to come here and mkae a post


    Hello SOLDIER739. I recommend creating a ticket on our discord to get this looked into further please visit https://discord.gg/mcprison and go to tickets then type in that chat -new this will create a ticket for you to bring your issues to us and for them to be resolved by staff as soon as they are able too.

    If you're unable too, please let me know i'll try to work something out, but that's the fastest and easier way we'll get back to you.