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    Introduction - Hunslet


    New Explorer
    Hey I'm Hunslet, and I live in the UK!

    I have been playing MCPrison since 2019! I have recently came back to the server and have really enjoyed it so far. My expertise is in Anti-Cheat Testing & Developing. I have always had an interest in that subject so if you have any questions about it I would be happy to answer it for you. I have also been working on Minecraft "Server Security", where I help servers fix exploits which could lead to people hacking their server.

    My current opinion on MCPrison:
    I think the server has always been fun to play, but the recent Atlantic update, which includes enchants being locked on join made me much more motivated than normal to play as I enjoy grinding and this showed me how much I can work in 1 session. However, I also think there is a few bugs such as; In /city, the Enchanter being invisible, Auto-Miners going invisible on your mine. Overall, the server is extremely enjoyable and I can't wait for the new Release of Atlantic!

    That concludes my introduction. If you have any more questions about what I do please feel free to ask!