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    Hello, Prisoners!


    Hey everyone, it's Anonymous_Hugo here!

    So what is there to know about me, I am a kind person who likes to talk way too much. I listen to all sorts of music, so if there is anything you like send me a shout and I will give it a listen and might like it too. I am pretty active in the discord so if you ever want to pop into voice and have a chat just call me in.

    Things I enjoy:

    1. Listening to Music such as:
      • Death Metal
      • Metal Core
      • Post Hardcore
      • Punk
      • EDM (Most sub-genres)
      • Ska
      • Reggae
      • Rock
      • Classic Rock
    2. Playing games such as:
      • Dota2
      • CSGO
      • Minecraft
      • OSRS (Runescape)
      • Roblox (Don't judge me)
    3. Other information:
      • I'm 21, and my Birthday is the 13th of March
      • I'm British, yes a very typical British guy. Yes I drink a lot of tea before you ask!
      • I only speak English, although I would love to learn Japanese or Korean
      • I work in a restaurant


    In my house hold we have a few pets, we have the family Dog named Paddi, then we have the rest of the pets which are my sisters, Nyx (Kitten) and she also has four rats.


    Nice to meet you! I'm glad to finally meet someone else who wants to learn Korean. We should pop into discord vc sometime and chat. :)