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    hagish123’s Support Form | hagish123


    New Explorer
    What is your IGN hagish123

    Who were you punished by? console

    When was you punished? Dec 26, 2019

    What was you punished for? charging back for 70 cents

    Why do you believe your punishment should be removed or shortened? in my defense, I made this purchase 2 months ago and completely forgot about and when I went on to pay pal to fix my bank info I saw this charge and the charge looked suspicious because. it didn't say imprison it was like some random name and in the past, people have hacked my PayPal or got my info and bought stuff and had to deal with it. I assumed it was a similar situation I am extremely sorry for this inconvenience and would like to resolve this issue.
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    If you haven't already, please move this ban appeal onto the mcprison discord. There's a #support channel where you can make a ticket by typing -new (topic) into that channel. You may copy and paste your appeal into your ticket when you make one. We will not be responding to a forums ban appeal just because we would like to talk to you more privately about this matter.
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