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    [Guide] MCPrison Features


    New Explorer
    Hello fellow inmates,
    This thread will include a complete guide about all the current features on MCPrison.

    Enchantment Tokens
    • ETokens are the most valuable currency on the server.
    • You can sell ETokens in multiples of 5k to people.
    • 1 Magma Cream = 5k ETokens.
    • You can use ETokens in the /etshop or by doing /enchant to upgrade both your pickaxe and backpack.
    Prestige Tokens
    • Prestige tokens are used in the /etshop and can be used to purchase special pickaxe enchants.
    • To gain prestige tokens, you simply have to /prestige
    Auction House:
    • The auction house is a way to sell your items in return for cash
    • You can also buy items on the auction house.
    • To do so type the command /ah in game.
    Buffing Station
    • The Buffing Station can be found at each mine or by typing the command /buffingstation
    • You use EXP to buy boosters in the Buffing Station.
    • It costs 125 levels to buy either a 2x Sell, EToken or Enchantment booster will lasts for 10 minutes
    • Robots are a block with a zombie that constantly mines for you even when you are offline
    • Robots can be found in monthly keys which can be bought from https://buy.mcprison.com/
    • Robots can be upgrade-able by right clicking them while they are placed down on the ground
    • You can also buy robots from other players for around 250-300million etokens, but make sure to record it just in case you get scammed!
    NPC's at spawn

    Disenchanter: The disenchanter can be used to return your enchants for etokens or ptokens. If you decide to disenchant your whole pickaxe you will receive 75% of the tokens you put in. If you decide to disenchant a certain enchant you will receive 50% of the tokens that you have put in

    Banker: The banker can be used to withdraw ETokens, Boosters, Money and Keys. You can withdraw as much as you want with no limit.

    Real Estate: The real estate agent can be found at spawn and can be used to access the housing menu. Alternatively you can access the housing menu by typing /house

    Auctioneer: The auctioneer can be used to access the auction house where you can purchase and sell items for in game money

    Reputation: The reputation NPC can be used to give other players positive or negative reputation and view reputation stats for all players.

    Casino: The casino NPC can be used to gamble (go figure). You can gamble by either spending ETokens or Cash. There are multiple types of gambling games such as the bar, slot machines, coin flips, roulette and even drinks from the bar!

    Important Links:
    https://www.mcprison.com/forums/forums/ (forums)
    http://mcprison.com/forums/vote/ (vote)
    https://www.mcprison.com/forums/forums/rules.5/ (rules)

    I have obviously missed a lot of things, this was just off the top of my head. Please comment below what you think should be added to this list :)
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