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    [GUIDE] How to get oil, and what it is used for!


    New Explorer
    What is oil?
    Oil is used for powering your robots, and quarries. You are able to put 250 Oil into each robot and or quarry and it will power it for 8 hours at a time!

    Where can I get Oil?
    You can get oil from fishing! There are different types of fish that give different amounts of oil! We have added Custom fishes to catch as well that yield more oil than common fish!

    Once you have caught the fish, just right click to add the oil to your /oil. You can also withdraw your oil using /oilwithdraw <amount>

    Where do you get a fishing rod?
    As of right now, there are 2 different fishing rods!
    1. Rusty Rod can be bought from the /buffingstation for 250 xp levels.

    2.The Fisherman's Rod can be bought from /buffingstation for 3500 xp levels. It comes with Luck 2, Lure 3, and unbreaking 3.

    3. The Texan rod can be obtained through final rewards of a monthly crate. It comes with luck 4, lure 5, and unbreaking 3
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