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    [GUIDE] Getting started on MCPrison


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    Hello. My name is Techmullet. I have made this guide as I feel it will help a lot of you get started on the server. This guide won't be perfect, but it will definitely help you get started. If you haven't read this guide yet, I would suggest looking at it before continuing through this guide to get a full understand of what I am talking about

    Getting Started:
    • To start things off. Go ahead and skip the Ranked mines. Try and find a Private mine in /pmine that doesn't have a ton of people in it.
    • Start mining and gaining ETokens, and Balance.
    • Go ahead and start leveling up your rank to Prestige 1
    • Along the way, you are going to find some keys and cases.
    • For the cases, you can open them yourself, however, on the keys I would try and get someone who is a higher prestige to open them for you as they get a bigger bonus for being a higher prestige. Things like ETokens, and Balance. this is going to help you get ETokens even faster
    • You will also gain EXP for mining, the EXP you gain can be spent on multipliers. However, at this low of rank they are not worth it to you. You can buy sell multipliers, EToken multipliers, and Path multipliers in /bs. The best thing to do is get 125 EXP levels, and buy the 2x EToken booster for 10m and sell them to higher prestige for around 1 million ETokens
    • Another thing you can do for etokens is either buy them from people who are selling them, or sometimes higher presitges will offer ETokens in return for some labor that they might need to be done.
    • There is also a beacon mine, where you can mine beacons and sell them to players who need to upgrade their robots. most of the time you can get 4-5 million ETokens for 500 beacons (500 is the minimum amount of beacons you can sell at a time) You can find this mine by doing /robot in chat.
    • There are 8 Enchants you can buy for your pickaxe using ETokens. Efficiency, Fortune, Jackhammer, Explosion, Speed, Jump, Haste, and Laser.
    • Spend all of your ETokens on Jackhammer. This is the best enchant and is going to be the most useful throughout your journey here on MCPrison.
    • The first thing I would do is get Jackhammer to around 400-600 to help increase proc.
    • After you have gotten Jackhammer to 400-600 start upgrading your Backpack storage to around 500k-600k and autosell to 100 (you don't need to go higher than this)
    • Backpack enchants include Storage, Autosell, Sell multiplier, and Prospector.
    • By this point, you should be ready to prestige. Go ahead and prestige. with prestigeing you get a Ptoken, and a .01 bonus for you Sell multiplier.
    • With your Ptoken, you can use it to buy Double trouble, Feeding frenzy, Merchant, Treasure hunter, and Tsunami. Use your Ptoken on Treasure hunter.
    • You will want to get Treasure hunter all the way to level 100 before starting on any other prestige enchant.
    • By this point, you should have Jackhammer up to 400-600, Backpack storage to 500-600k, Autosell to 100, and Treasure hunter 1
    • At this stage of the game, you are still pretty poor on tokens. However, just keep grinding on getting your Jackhammer to enchant level 5,000. It's very rewarding.
    • While working on your Jackhammer enchant, keep upgrading the storage of your backpack to a level where it can keep up with your Jackhammer enchant.
    • Start also working your way up to prestige 200, as this is the highest prestige you can go to max out your prestige multiplier. It will help you earn money to spend on ETokens from other player's shops.
    • Also, start looking for joining gangs. Some gangs may have requirements for you to join them, but overall they are worth it. Gangs have enchants as well that help you get more ETokens and balance the higher the level of the gang is.
    • At this stage of the game, you should be close to 5k Jackhammer, high backpack storage (10 million or so), Autosell still at 100, Prestige 200, and all your PTokens spent on Treasure hunter.
    • Here is where everything starts to get a little messy cause now you are making a lot of ETokens and a decent amount of balance. If you stick to this plan, you will be good!
    • If you have your Jackhammer at 5k, go ahead and start buying Haste 3, and Speed 2 for your pick. If not just keep grinding for that 5k Jackhammer.
    • Once you have Haste 3, and Speed 2 on your pick, start upgrading your Fortune. Here you are going to really need a large backpack space (about 25million is good)
    • Fortune is really going to help you grind money to help you buy more ETokens to further your enchants.
    • Keep using those tips I gave you in Getting Started, about acquiring more ETokens
    • Start slowly making your way up the prestige ladder, and spending those PTokens on Treasure hunter
    • You have made it to late game, congrats. Time to grind even harder.
    • By now you should already have Jackhammer 5k, Haste 3, Speed 2, around 20-25 million Backpack space, and you should have a pretty decent fortune enchant, I would say around 2500-3k, and pretty close to maxing out treasure hunter.
    • By this point, you are probably getting bored, and that perfectly fine. Maybe go build some stuff on your plot or even open up your own ETokens shop to buy ETokens from others to help you reach some of the goals here in this chapter of the game
    • Keep grinding and getting your fortune maxed.
    • Once you have finally maxed out the fortune enchant, start making that last grind on Sell Multiplier for your Backpack. This is going to help you gain more money to help not only with getting your ETokens, but also to help you start prestigeing into the higher portions of prestige.
    • Sell multiplier is the most painful to get as it is around 900 million tokens to max out.
    • While climbing the prestige ranks, you should, if you haven't already yet, max out treasure hunter. After Treasure hunter, either work on Merchant, or Tsunami. Both are really helpful in getting you that cash.
    • You can work on leveling these two prestige enchants simultaneously. It's not going to hurt you.
    • By this point, you should have 5k Jackhammer, 5k Fortune, Haste 3, Speed 2, 50 million Backpack Space, Autosell 100, Sell multi 4k, Treasure hunter 100, and some mix of Tsunami, and Merchant.
    • Here you aren't too worried about ETokens anymore, but more worried about Balance.
    • Start working your way up into P1000 and up.
    • Start making Chestshops, and sell ETokens to other players to help get your balance up, but also be careful about selling all your ETokens.
    • At this point in the game, you might want to start thinking about getting robots to help increase your EToken count. In order to obtain robots, you either have to buy them from someone else or buy monthly keys to get a chance at pulling one from the monthly crate. Robots can be pretty expensive, you should probably keep around 600m ETokens on hand at all times just in case someone is selling a robot.
    • You still also want to keep increasing your Backpack storage because getting tsunami 100 is going to use a lot of backpack space, you will need around 80-90 million to use tsunami to the best of its abilities.
    • Now that you are in End-game, it's really all about flexing your Pick, and Backpack. Showing players the struggle and grind that you have put into the game. Congrats on making it here. You are a legend!

    Thank you for reading my guide, I hope I helped you along the way on getting to where you want on the server. There are a few things that I missed like pets, I will try and find some time to add those into the appropriate spots relating to each stage of the game. Please give me feedback on how I can improve on this guide to making it even easier for you to follow, or ways that you found were easier to do before something else.

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    Sr Mod
    Very detailed guide! Going through this and being such an end-game player as where I am at now, I can agree that the tips/advice you give are pretty spot on. Will 100% give this to new players who are wondering how to start out/proceed through the server if I am allowed.


    New Explorer
    Very detailed guide! Going through this and being such an end-game player as where I am at now, I can agree that the tips/advice you give are pretty spot on. Will 100% give this to new players who are wondering how to start out/proceed through the server if I am allowed.
    Absolutely! I made it to help the new people on the server as there is quite a lot of information to learn that isn’t taught!


    This guide is simple just awesome, I enjoyed reading it!
    Thank you for helping the community out by making certain guides! <3



    If you would like to add anything to this, I'd recommend a list of people (If they're chill with being put on this) for who can open keys for you in Early Game, cuz I'd be down with being on that list. :p

    I'd also recommend putting the fact in Early Game that you can use gemstones to put useless enchants on then /disenchant them for etokens. Haste, Speed, and Jump specifically gives the most ets but they can also use explosion and laser early on to get some quick ets.