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    Bufffing Pets | Pacific Exclusive

    This thread will explain everything you need to know about Pets on the Pacific Realm on MCPrison.

    Pets are obtainable via any crate from any of the following:
    • Shark (5%),
    • Whale (10%),
    • Trident (15%).
    There are 4 types of pets that are currently obtainable to help you with buffing them! They can also only level up when you proc the pet! Each pet will benefit you in different ways, and help you proceed in the game.

    As of right now each pet has 10 levels! Once you grind through each level it'll then require you to spend E-Tokens to upgrade the pet on-to the next level! As these buffs are very useful it is not a cheap upgrade.

    Backpack Pet
    When you have this pet you will be able to use autosell much faster than just 8 seconds, allowing you to make more buck whilst selling your loot. However there is one catch, you must have autosell on your backpack to even allow this to work. It'll then use the same amounts you sell using normal autosell.

    Sell Pet
    When you sell your items you can earn more than you'd normally earn, as you level it up more and more this is a way to get an additional multiplier on the server, to help you rank up more! This pet works with all sell transactions (AutoSell, NPC, etc..)

    EToken Pet
    When you earn ETokens you can earn more than you'd normally earn! As the economy has increased on Pacific this has now made it so it's easier to earn ETokens, for the amount of time you spend! The more ETokens you earn the more you can level this up. It is a progressive upgrade but once it's done, it will be rewarding!

    Beacon Pet
    When mining beacons to upgrade robots, it can be a frustrating process. Especially for people who spend their whole day their to make their buck on the server Cough Mongo Cough, with this pet you have a chance to get double drops! The chance will increase as you get the pet more and more levelled up. This is a game changer for new and existing players wanting to mine beacons. You can now find that grind will be easier on you.

    These pets can be traded with other players, so hopefully these will be amazing to see on the server! This feature is also an exclusive feature to the Pacific Realm!

    Hope you enjoy the new update, Regards,
    Danny <3​