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    Betting / Coinflip | More Options

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    Betting / Coinflip

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    In addition to coin flipping for Beacons and/or E-Tokens, we expand it to allow commonly traded/bought/sold commodities. e.g. Robots (1/1 only unless max bedrock), Keys (all types), Shiny's (0/xxxx mined only). It would give another dynamic to wager with as well as give the upper/lower level players a way to bet something more dear than just a few billion etokens. On the upper end you might see max bedrock robots or beacon robots, on the low end new players could wager keys they acquired through vote parties. I probably wouldn't do anything more than the examples for the sake of coding time.


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    Hello. im agree with you but you are choosing an option that is not common.
    For e.g E-Tokens and Beacons are more common than keys and robots so if you dont have keys/robots or etcs you cant join the coinflip.

    Im thinking that this is possible but not as acceptable as the way you are talking about that.