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    Ban Appeal


    New Explorer
    Ban appeal
    Ign : VioletEMP
    Reason : hacked client
    I got banned. even though I'm just afk because I'm lazy to play. and i open google looking for new manga and see anime. and i went back to minecraft and suddenly got banned. even though I made version 1.12.2 forge. the mod only has schematic, account change and optifineView attachment 21View attachment 22


    Senior Moderator
    Sr Mod
    You will need to create a ticket on the discord so we can talk to you more privately over this matter. If you need help with this, you go into the mcp general discord, go into the support channel labeled "#support", type -new, and the instructions will be directly messaged to you. You will then fill out the format in pms to which after you've completed, we may assist you.
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