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    We are proud to announce that Atlantic will be revamped on Saturday Feburary 27th at 3:00 PM EST!

    After countless weeks of testing, We are finally ready to announce a new and better Atlantic! This new Atlantic will have everything that you love the old Atlantic and more! We have decided to restyle Atlantic to make it more enjoyable, look much better will be step one of taking MCPrison in an even better direction!

    Please do remember that Atlantic currently will go into legacy, so if our new Atlantic isn't your style, you can still play the old one!

    Now onto the good stuff that you all want to see!

    Key Changes And Features

    Spawn Changes
    Tired of seeing the same spawn? Choose what spawn you want out of a selection of 5 different spawns! Choose between a City, Beach, Tundra, Jungle, and Firey Ruins. Want a cool way to go to your PMine? Now you can launch yourself to your PMine from spawn and straight back.

    Pearls, Printers, and Recyclers
    Want to get rid of all that stuff from crates that you don't want? Grind it up in a recycler and get some pearls out of it, save up enough pearls, and buy yourself something even better, even monthly crates! You can print crates, robots, giftcards, lucky chests, shiny treasures, and more!

    Pickaxe Leveling and Prestiging
    We didn't like the way prestiging felt, if you joined late you would never be able to come near to the top players. Pickaxes will now level up based on the total number of blocks they break and prestiging will be based on the level too! Happy grinding :)

    Enchant Changes
    Hit the cap on all your enchants and don't know what to do? Now you'll never hit the cap again with infinite enchants, yes you heard that right, enchants will go up an infinite amount of levels. This will only apply to Jackhammer, Explosive, Laser. Their proc sizes will keep scaling at a reduced rate too.

    PMine Changes
    Its been a couple seasons now and everyone can agree that mining in a bedrock box can be a bit boring sometimes and could use a change of scenery. PMines will now feature no box around them so you can go wild with all your builds. PMines have also gotten 1.5x bigger and will go up to a max size of 150x150.

    Its been known that the meta for prison lately has been to save up your best boosters and fill up your whole backpack to sell. We're now changing this and making E-Token boosters have uses, your backpack will now automatically come enchanted with Autosell. You will be able to start and stop boosters as you wish.

    You can now infinitely stack robots into one at spawn, each robot type will have its own type and spawn and you can stack as many robots as you'd want to. Robots will scale across the top 20 players.

    We thought lucky blocks were too rare, and so did you, so we've decided to increase their drop rates and spice up the rewards, you can now get beacon robots, monthly crates, gift cards, crate keys, and more!

    Make sure to join the discord (https://discord.gg/mcprison) to get weekly updates on what's happening as well as engage with the MCPrisons community!
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