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    Over the last 3 weeks, the team has been working very hard to release this realm. We have spent countless amounts of hours on this realm so that we can perfect everything and have a smooth experience for players to enjoy. Past the release, there will be content updates in the future bringing everyone new features to enjoy and play with.

    Just some details on what Atlantic is! Atlantic is Aegean, we have totally revamped it to become a better server; people with ranks on Aegean will receive them on release!

    We hope to see you all on Friday at 3pm EST! (You can find this in your timezone by searching the time in Google)

    At the start of the brand new Atlantic realm, we have decided to give away 2 Admiral ranks. Head over to our Twitter for more information on how to enter this giveaway. Good luck to everyone.

    Raw Blocks Per Prestige
    All players will need to go through a required amount of raw blocks before they are able to prestige. This feature will eliminate the idea of boosting other players for them to get a high prestige without mining.

    Robots, Quarries and Oil
    Robots have been changed so that the economy is not as heavily based on robots as our previous realm was. A new feature to robots is going to be introduced called “Oil”. In order to earn oil, you will need to fish. While fishing, you also have a chance to get some pretty neat rewards including E-Token pouches and random percentages of your rank! Oil has been added to Quarries as well. You can also check your own oil balance, and oil balances of other players.

    Gangs have been revamped to include things like gang buffs, specific permissions per each gang rank. These gang buffs include things like EToken buff, Money buff, and a Path buff. Gang names have been revamped to have more of a gang feeling to them, some names include Soldier and Boss.

    GUIs have been revamped to make everything more descriptive and easier to access! Some GUIs include the /enchant GUI, Gang GUIs and more!

    Crates have been revamped to offer players a more rewarding feel to opening crate keys! Robots are now spread throughout all the crate keys, so there’s chances everywhere to get robots!

    Gemstones have returned, but they’re even better! You will be able to obtain gemstones through your backpack with the ‘Prospector’ enchant. Gemstones will include enchants like E-Token master, Jackhammer, and many more! You can get anywhere from a level 1 enchant to a level 32 enchant.

    Chat Games
    Chat games have returned with new questions, including math questions, general trivia, and words for you to unscramble. Every time a player wins, they will be awarded with 1 random crate key.

    Per Minute summary of how many ETokens you make.
    Check all types of balances of other players (Beacons, ETokens, Money, Oil).
    A /rename feature to be able to rename items you want with color codes.
    Ability to use colour codes on signs.
    And more...

    Be sure to join our Discord for all kinds of updates, giveaways and key-all information! We also consistently post updates and giveaways on Twitter, so be sure to give us a follow there too.
    See you all Friday.​