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    Aegean | Map One

    Greetings people!

    Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working hard on Aegean, and we’re proud to announce we will be releasing Aegean to the public, Aegean will be played by partner SuchSpeed.

    Aegean will release on
    Friday, October 18th at 4PM EST
    1PM PST | 2PM MST | 3PM CST | 4PM EST | 9PM GMT

    We’ve decided to create this world for the players, we’ve been listening to suggestions on how to improve, and we’ve implemented all the good suggestions, a few will be listed below

    Trading Feature

    The trading feature is a new feature that we have decided to add. This feature is designed to stop robot scamming and also other deals. With this feature, you will be able to trade anything from beacons for robots to ranks. (This feature might be on the release or a few days after release)

    Tradeable Pickaxes and Backpacks

    We’ve decided to let people trade pickaxes and backpacks, Pickaxes will now also be included in /kits!

    Gang Top

    We’ve also decided to make a gangtop for this map! Users will be able to receive gang points by a lot of different ways, such as /buffstation and use the command /gangtop to see what gang is the best on the server! The top three gangs every week will receive a small buycraft reward!

    1ST Place : $60 Buycraft Voucher
    2ND Place : $30 Buycraft Voucher
    3RD Place : $15 Buycraft Voucher

    To be able to receive this, please make sure that your discord is linked to your IGN! You can do this by using /linkdiscord ingame and following the steps by that.

    Revised Enchants

    One of the most suggested things was to fix enchants, such as Jackhammer proccing too much, therefore some of the current enchants have been nerfed/buffed, We’ve also brought in two new enchants called Tokenator and Beaconator!

    Revised Paths

    We’ve also decided to buff some paths to make all paths unique! The two under-powered paths have now been buffed to make every path good, depending on your play style!

    And many more!​

    Other Changelogs
    • Created a command to toggle gang chat /gangchat toggle.
    • Created a command so you can choose your pickaxe title (From the ones you’ve unlocked).
    • Removed Dark blue chat color.
    • Updated the /commands with more commands to help new players.
    • Added a toggle to Enable/Disable "Inventory full" message on screen (/toggleinv).
    • Removed players access to talk while muted using /w and /msg.
    • Added new command /pmine (Nickname), so you can go to a private mine quicker.
    • Added a /warp plots, for ease of use in claiming a plot.
    • Added booster time to the scoreboard.
    • Added a command what allows you to see other players balance.
    • Added basic chat commands like /ignore.
    • Added a command to toggle peoples voting messages.
    We’re excited to see everybody on the release. Make sure to join our Discord for any important announcements or changes. Join here:
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