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    Strike | Competitive Realm


    Greetings everyone!

    This system is to make sure every gang keeps in check, and people have a good playing experience while playing MCPrison! Every Gang has a clean 25 points to start with when they first join the server; these points will be deducted if you or any of your gang is breaking our strike system, these will be logged in #gang-strikes in the main discord.

    Rules are followed but not limited to

    Payout Boosting | 10 Points
    Payout boosting is giving away any form of assistance to a player, by splitting gang points to collect more gang top payouts, trading and/or excessive donating items/values/currencies, without making a proper deal for it, this includes, but is not limited to paying people for prestige, caught boosting, any gangs caught doing this will be disqualified for that weeks payment, and 10 points will be issued to all gangs involved.​
    Intergang boosting is allowed. This means paying your gang members money or etokens or beacons are allowed and free to do. As long as the member is in your gang. Inviting a person into a gang and paying them then removing them is against the rules.

    Boosting players who are not inside or gang or related to your gang will be punished according to the severity of the boost.

    Boosting other gangs by purchasing gang points and then leaving the gang is not allowed. This disables you from purchasing players' gang top points.

    Rotating gang members is allowed so that gangs can have more than the max gang player limits.

    Opening keys for non-gang members is not allowed, as this would be boosting them with your prestige bonuses, but if the owner of the keys is inside the gang then you are free to open their keys for you, this follows the inviting just for the boost rule as well.

    Any other forms of boosting are at admins discretion and rules can be added and changed depending on server progression.

    Account Sharing | 20 Points
    Account sharing is not permitted on the Prison realms. Account sharing is 2 or more players using one account, where the accounts are owned by other players. For example, two players are sharing one or more accounts.

    Mining on Alts | 1 Point
    Mining on alts to gain value, money, or anything that would give a player an advantage is not allowed. If found doing so, punishments will be given out. Based on severity, this can lead to a disqualification.

    Hacking/Scripting | 5-10 Points
    If your gang is caught hacking or scripting, or both, all value that the player has given to the gang will be removed, and you will also be given three points, this includes anyone being on alts and vpns doing it. The severity of points given depends on what the user is banned for.

    Inappropriate gang names | 1 Point
    If the upper team deems your gang's name to be inappropriate, you will be issued a point and also be asked to change the name.

    Duping and ECO Glitches/exploiting | 25 Points
    We have a zero tolerance system with duping/eco glitches, or ANY means of exploiting, if anyone is caught doing this, your whole gang will be disbanded, and banned for exploiting.

    No staff ranks (Helper, Mod, Sr.Mod) are exempt from any rule set forth by MCPrison, If you feel that a staff member has violated a rule, please message an Manager to report the incident.

    The Management Team (Admin+) reserves the right to adjust punishment types and lengths for any punishment listed on this page and for any other rule set forth by MCPrison including but not limited to global rules and universe specific rules. The Management Team also reserves the right to grant punishments for rules that are not explicitly stated within the global rules and universe specific rules.
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