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    Server Rules



    MCPrison Server rules
    All rules here are not final and can be subject to change at any given time
    Note: You may not use an alt to bypass any of these rules.
    Finding and abusing loopholes in the rules will lead to a punishment.

    Advertising Other Servers (IP)
    Posting the IP of another server or sending the IP through an unsolicited private message.

    Advertising Unrelated Channels, Streams or links
    This is when you advertise something like a YouTube channel, Twitch streams or any other type of link that are unrelated to MCPrison.

    Advertising Streams Related to MCPrison too frequently
    This is when you advertise your stream on MCPrison more than once every 15 minutes. You may only advertise your own stream!

    Posting Inappropriate Links
    Links such as porn sites, jumpscares or anything equally inappropriate.

    Disclosing Personal Info (Doxing), DDoSing and Swatting
    This is when you either do or threaten to DOX, DDoS or swat anyone.

    Racist / Homophobic Chat
    This is any use of racial or Homophobic slurs in chat. Please also avoid using any kind of discriminatory language as it leads to the normalization of racism and homophobia.

    Suicide Encouragement and Death Threats
    This is any kind of chat or behavior that encourages suicidal tendencies in people or threatening someone's life out of the game in any way.

    Excessively Disrespecting Staff
    This is when you are constantly behaving abusively towards a staff member in their capacity as staff. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, people will say things to staff members being bad at their job, but the constant targeting of a staff member and attacking and diminishing them will be handled under this rule.

    Server Disrespect / Senior Staff
    This is directing hate towards an admin or higher, or the server

    Inappropriate IGN
    Having an IGN that might be racist, discriminatory or insult the server is not allowed.

    Extreme toxicity
    This is when a player is being overly rude to another player or being overly toxic in general.

    EXCESSIVE player disrespect
    This is when a player targets another player and constantly harrasses them. This isn’t saying “you’re **** at pvp” or “go get a life” or “you’re retarded” once, but constantly saying this at this one particular player.

    Excessive use of Capitals
    Sentences containing 5 words in capitals
    e.g. OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, or a message with more than 20+ capitals.

    Spamming chat
    5+ Messages that are typed very quickly (Roughly 10 seconds) Or putting the same message in chat 3+ times in 5 seconds

    Promoting Spam
    Anything that might encourage PM spam or chat spam
    e.g. Message @Hitch for a key !
    E.g. First person to guess a number between 1 and 50 gets a rank.

    Symbol/Character Spam
    Spamming chat with a random symbol or letters, this includes people iteming something (10+ of the same letter)
    E.g Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Hacked Client / Disallowed Modifications
    Any clients that may give you an unfair advantage towards legit players.
    Note: Every click must be manually done by yourself unless you are in a GUI. (E.g Upgrading your backpack)

    Exploits and Glitches
    Most forms of cheating, exploiting or glitching, falls under this policy.

    Scripts or Bots
    Things such as but not limited to automated sell scripts or mining bots

    Third-Party Trading
    This is when you trade things like items and ranks for real money or outside goods like CS:GO items. This includes asking for ingame/out of game items.

    Inappropriate builds
    This includes but is not limited to homphobic, Racist and other offensive builds.

    Scamming Buycraft
    This is when you're trading for a rank or buycraft items and don't hold up your end of the deal. Buycraft scamming means that the buycraft item gets scammed, not the in-game item such as ET.

    Lag Machines / Intention To Cause Performance Loss
    This is when you try to intentionally cause performance loss of the server in any form.

    Deleting Evidence
    If you remove or tamper with evidence it will act as an additional offense to what you previously did.

    Evading an Active Ban
    This is when you try to avoid an existing ban using an alt or other means. This punishment will be applied to just the second account (used to ban evade)

    Evading an Active Mute
    This is when you try to avoid an existing mute using an alt. Punishments are for the alt and main account.
    Note: If you are muted you may not use donator chat.

    AFK Mining
    This is when you are away from your computer mining, This includes the use of the F11 Glitch as well as putting an item on your mouse to weigh down the button.

    Slime Mining
    This is when you are mining at a mine using the slime blocks to mine, any use of the slime blocks to mine will result in a punishment, even if you're not AFKing

    This is when you cancel a payment for a package that you bought on the buycraft store.

    Buying / Selling Advertising
    This is when you post more than 1 buying or selling advertisement in less than 1 minute
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