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    Frequently Asked Questions



    MCPrison Frequently Asked Questions
    MCPrison FAQ

    Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the server to help you understand the server better.

    Q. How do I get a pickaxe?
    A. You can get a pickaxe by doing /kit.

    Q. How do I upgrade my backpack/pickaxe?
    A. You can upgrade your backpack or pickaxe using /enchant.

    Q. How do I get a plot?
    A. You can get a plot by doing /warp plots then do /plot auto.

    Q. How do I sell on Auction House? (AH)
    A. You can sell an item on Auction house using /ah sell (money/etokens) (price) (amount)

    Q. How do I use my EXP?
    A. You can use your EXP in /buffingstation

    Q. How do I create a gang?
    A. You can create a gang with /gang create

    Q. How do I get a robot?
    A. You can get a robot through crate keys which are purchasable on our store.

    Q. How do I get a quarry?
    A. You can get a quarry through different crate keys that you can buy on the store.

    Q. How do I get blocks?
    A. You can buy blocks using /shop

    Q. What do Robots do?
    A. Robots are an auto mining ‘bot’ that passively gets you ETokens and money.

    Q. What do Quarries do?
    A. Quarries can be placed in a PMine and will passively get you money.

    Q. Is Slime mining bannable?
    A. Yes, Slime mining is a bannable offense as it is an exploit.

    Q. How do I get Ptokens
    A. You can get Ptokens from prestiging. Each prestige gives you 1 Ptoken.
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