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    Prestige Enchantments | Aegean

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    This thread will explain everything you need to know about Prestige Enchantments on the Aegean Realm.

    To stop people from using alts to prestige for ultra low prices, then passing the pickaxes in-between one another I have decided to make prestige enchants soul bound to players. These enchants cannot be traded, however EToken purchased enchants will still continue to be sharable.

    Enchantment scaling, the system will work similarly with the Pacific system. each 5 prestiges it will increase by one prestige points like like so.
    1 - 4 will cost 1 prestige token,
    5 - 9 will cost 2 prestige tokens,
    10 - 14 will cost 3 prestige tokens,
    and so.

    This prestige enchantment will give Beacon Miners a chance to get double beacons whilst mining!

    This prestige enchantment will allow you a chance to clear the whole mine! This will give you all the blocks, and 20% of the etokens that are possible to obtain! This works best in realms, however it works in all worlds! When this proc's it will show all the players in mine a title telling them that you cleared the whole mine using your pickaxe.

    Treasure Hunter
    This prestige enchantment allows you to find extra cases whilst mining! Giving you even more chance of finding those delicious cases! Cases are quite rare as is, and this will give you even more chances to get them!

    Double Trouble
    This will allow you a chance to get double etokens whilst mining!

    More enchantments are going to come in the future! If you have any suggestions for new enchantments be sure to suggest them on our discord! https://mcprison.com/discord

    Bufffing Pets | Pacific Exclusive

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    This thread will explain everything you need to know about Pets on the Pacific Realm on MCPrison.

    Pets are obtainable via any crate from any of the following:
    • Shark (5%),
    • Whale (10%),
    • Trident (15%).
    There are 4 types of pets that are currently obtainable to help you with buffing them! They can also only level up when you proc the pet! Each pet will benefit you in different ways, and help you proceed in the game.

    As of right now each pet has 10 levels! Once you grind through each level it'll then require you to spend E-Tokens to upgrade the pet on-to the next level! As these buffs are very useful it is not a cheap upgrade.

    Backpack Pet
    When you have this pet you will be able to use autosell much faster than just 8 seconds, allowing you to make more buck whilst selling your loot. However there is one catch, you must have autosell on your backpack to even allow this to work. It'll then use the same amounts you sell using normal autosell.

    Sell Pet
    When you sell your items you can earn more than you'd normally earn, as you level it up more and more this is a way to get an additional multiplier on the server, to help you rank up more! This pet works with all sell transactions (AutoSell, NPC, etc..)

    EToken Pet
    When you earn ETokens you can earn more than you'd normally earn! As the economy has increased on Pacific this has now made it so it's easier to earn ETokens, for the amount of time you spend! The more ETokens you earn the more you can level this up. It is a progressive upgrade but once it's done, it will be rewarding!

    Beacon Pet
    When mining beacons to upgrade robots, it can be a frustrating process. Especially for people who spend their whole day their to make their buck on the server Cough Mongo Cough, with this pet you have a chance to get double drops! The chance will increase as you get the pet more and more levelled up. This is a game changer for new and existing players wanting to mine beacons. You can now find that grind will be easier on you.

    These pets can be traded with other players, so hopefully these will be amazing to see on the server! This feature is also an exclusive feature to the Pacific Realm!

    Hope you enjoy the new update, Regards,
    Danny <3​

    Aegean | Map One

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    Greetings people!

    Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working hard on Aegean, and we’re proud to announce we will be releasing Aegean to the public, Aegean will be played by partner SuchSpeed.

    Aegean will release on
    Friday, October 18th at 4PM EST
    1PM PST | 2PM MST | 3PM CST | 4PM EST | 9PM GMT

    We’ve decided to create this world for the players, we’ve been listening to suggestions on how to improve, and we’ve implemented all the good suggestions, a few will be listed below

    Trading Feature

    The trading feature is a new feature that we have decided to add. This feature is designed to stop robot scamming and also other deals. With this feature, you will be able to trade anything from beacons for robots to ranks. (This feature might be on the release or a few days after release)

    Tradeable Pickaxes and Backpacks

    We’ve decided to let people trade pickaxes and backpacks, Pickaxes will now also be included in /kits!

    Gang Top

    We’ve also decided to make a gangtop for this map! Users will be able to receive gang points by a lot of different ways, such as /buffstation and use the command /gangtop to see what gang is the best on the server! The top three gangs every week will receive a small buycraft reward!

    1ST Place : $60 Buycraft Voucher
    2ND Place : $30 Buycraft Voucher
    3RD Place : $15 Buycraft Voucher

    To be able to receive this, please make sure that your discord is linked to your IGN! You can do this by using /linkdiscord ingame and following the steps by that.

    Revised Enchants

    One of the most suggested things was to fix enchants, such as Jackhammer proccing too much, therefore some of the current enchants have been nerfed/buffed, We’ve also brought in two new enchants called Tokenator and Beaconator!

    Revised Paths

    We’ve also decided to buff some paths to make all paths unique! The two under-powered paths have now been buffed to make every path good, depending on your play style!

    And many more!​

    Other Changelogs
    • Created a command to toggle gang chat /gangchat toggle.
    • Created a command so you can choose your pickaxe title (From the ones you’ve unlocked).
    • Removed Dark blue chat color.
    • Updated the /commands with more commands to help new players.
    • Added a toggle to Enable/Disable "Inventory full" message on screen (/toggleinv).
    • Removed players access to talk while muted using /w and /msg.
    • Added new command /pmine (Nickname), so you can go to a private mine quicker.
    • Added a /warp plots, for ease of use in claiming a plot.
    • Added booster time to the scoreboard.
    • Added a command what allows you to see other players balance.
    • Added basic chat commands like /ignore.
    • Added a command to toggle peoples voting messages.
    We’re excited to see everybody on the release. Make sure to join our Discord for any important announcements or changes. Join here:

    MCPrison Release

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    Hey hey, boys and gyals I'm going to announce a snacc for you today, seriously... all jokes aside.

    Release Timeframe
    Saturday @ 5PM EST // 10 PM BST

    So, as many of you know the development of MCPrison has been going on for the past 8 months now, and with 1 bad release, (laggy, and a few bugs / exploits and things of that nature). I'm happy to personally say after a few stress tests, and optimizations in the code, I believe it is ready for a re-release. Below are some of the things to expect to happen within the next week...

    On Thursday at 2PM EST all servers will go into maintenance mode, this is to reset everything. Below are a list of many that is going to be reset.
    • Auction House
    • Enderchests
    • Inventories
    • The whole map (fresh clone)
    • Player Vaults
    • Quests,
    • Prison Profiles (Prestiges, Balance etc)
    Anyone who logged on any of our stress tests will receive the rewards they were told, and this will be automatic as soon as you join the server.

    See you then gamers!

    MCPrison Management.​

    Welcome to the forums!

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    Welcome to the forums!
    Hello Explorers,

    As some of you may of realised this forum is in the process of being made which means that not everything is currently accessible to you, but don’t worry because over the next few days I will be trying to finish this.

    You may be wondering, what else can you put on the forums? Well I am going to be utilising this space and making guides which will will be available for all of you to read as and when you need further help on a topic to do with MCPrison. There will also be a support section where selected staff will be able to help you similar to the discord tickets however not everyone has discord. This is just a snippet of what is to come to the forums, and MCPrison as a whole.
    ~Shep ❤

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