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    Hey prisoners!

    Over the last week, the team has been working on pushing a better experience for Atlantic, than the previous. We have worked for hours on this realm and we’re happy to say this will be one of the best experiences MCPrison will have to offer so far. Beyond just the release we have lots of brand new and exclusive content prepared and we hope to see you all join and if you haven’t already, become a part of our wonderful community.

    We hope to see you all on Saturday at 3pm EST! (You can find this in your timezone by searching the time in Google)

    Okay let’s get into the stuff people care about!

    General Information

    Four Week Map
    Account sharing restricted
    10 to 25 Player Gangs
    $3,000 Gang Top rewards ($2000 PayPal - $1000 Buycraft)
    Custom Enchants

    Gang-Top Payout Rewards

    First Place - $250 Paypal $100 Buycraft
    Second Place - $150 Paypal $75 Buycraft
    Third Place - $100 Paypal $50 Buycraft

    These will be paid out weekly, with the winners for that week being announced in the discord, and messaged by me personally for paypal emails and rewards.

    Player Payout Rewards

    For People who will not be competing for Gang Top, we have two PLAYER payouts listed down below!


    First Place - $30 Buycraft
    Second Place - $20 Buycraft
    Third Place - 10$ Buycraft


    First Place - $40 Buycraft
    Second Place - $30 Buycraft
    Third Place - $20 Buycraft

    Changes from beta
    • Outpost changes, we have changed the multiplier from 3x to 1.25x
    • Poseidon changes, we have decided to remove crystals, and lower the sword to a sharp 7
    • Robots will now be refillable, and you will be able to upgrade the time you always have to refill them.
    • Explosive’s proc chance has been nerfed slightly, and changed.
    • Gang points are no longer tradable to stop boosting
    • Made a community warp fish
    • Added gangpoints to bosses and bloodbath
    • Reduced shop prices
    • Improved Server performance
    Rule Changes from beta
    + Reworked Rules on https://mcprison.com/forums/strikes
    Click here to win an Admiral rank for our release!
    Be sure to join our Discord for all kinds of updates, giveaways and key-all information! We also consistently post updates and giveaways on Twitter, so be sure to give us a follow there too.

    See you all Saturday.​
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