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    Prestige Enchantments | Aegean

    This thread will explain everything you need to know about Prestige Enchantments on the Aegean Realm.

    To stop people from using alts to prestige for ultra low prices, then passing the pickaxes in-between one another I have decided to make prestige enchants soul bound to players. These enchants cannot be traded, however EToken purchased enchants will still continue to be sharable.

    Enchantment scaling, the system will work similarly with the Pacific system. each 5 prestiges it will increase by one prestige points like like so.
    1 - 4 will cost 1 prestige token,
    5 - 9 will cost 2 prestige tokens,
    10 - 14 will cost 3 prestige tokens,
    and so.

    This prestige enchantment will give Beacon Miners a chance to get double beacons whilst mining!

    This prestige enchantment will allow you a chance to clear the whole mine! This will give you all the blocks, and 20% of the etokens that are possible to obtain! This works best in realms, however it works in all worlds! When this proc's it will show all the players in mine a title telling them that you cleared the whole mine using your pickaxe.

    Treasure Hunter
    This prestige enchantment allows you to find extra cases whilst mining! Giving you even more chance of finding those delicious cases! Cases are quite rare as is, and this will give you even more chances to get them!

    Double Trouble
    This will allow you a chance to get double etokens whilst mining!

    More enchantments are going to come in the future! If you have any suggestions for new enchantments be sure to suggest them on our discord! https://mcprison.com/discord

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