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    we are proud to announce that Pacific will be reset on Saturday December 19th at 3:00 PM EST!

    (Use to convert the above time to your own timezone.)

    After countless weeks of testing, We are finally ready to announce an all new style Pacific! This new Pacific will have everything that you love the old Pacific and more! We have decided to restyle pacific to make it more enjoyable. Please do remember that pacific currently will go into legacy, so if our new pacific isn't your style, you can still play the old one!

    New Key Features


    Ranks have been revamped from pacific, Ranks now scale robots, sell multi and PMines, every-time you rank up, it will feel more rewarding then ever. Pacific's Ranking up prices and scale will stay the same though.

    Enchants REVAMP
    For Pacific, we've decided to totally revamp the enchant system. Enchants have been totally redone, and designed to feel better for the player, in addition to the changes in enchants, we have added three new enchants, Prosperity, Cluster-Bomb and Carpet Bomb (Fortune will stay the same from old pacific)

    Pickaxe Changes
    Thought prestiging a pickaxe was easy? Prices and enchants have been balanced to make the server last longer. Prestiging your pickaxe has been totally reworked with block brokens.

    Bored of the default look of your pickaxes? Now you can win skins for your omnitools, using our new skin crate! There is 120 skins to collect varying from normal ones to legendary. You can see these new skins using /enchant and going through the skin menu in-game!

    Christmas Event
    Once Pacific is up, there will be a Christmas event waiting for every player, feed Santa to unlock gifts and rewards for Pacific! More details will be on the server, as I don't want to spoil it too much.

    Out with the old unused spawn mines, log in with an all new FREE private mine. These mines are completely customisable, build the theme around your mine to how you want! These mines will start out small and with every rank you gain will add more blocks!

    Upcoming Features


    Bosses will be totally revamped on pacific to be worth fighting, every boss will be custom and will feel unique to the server, at the end of a boss fight, you'll be able to spend bosstokens on rewards in eventshop!

    I get it, Prison can be boring when you're playing it 24/7. Let's relax with some events, events will be automated and will use the eventshop so you'll be able to claim some good rewards!

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