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    Hey prisoners!

    Over the last 3 weeks, the team has been working hard on this release to finally push an even better experience. We have worked hours on this realm and spent days fine tuning and perfecting gameplay and we’re happy to say this will be one of the best experiences MCPrison will have to offer so far. Beyond just the release we have lots of brand new and exclusive content prepared and we hope to see you all join and if you haven’t already, become a part of our wonderful community. On top of all this we’ve taken it upon ourselves to recode the network to offer and even smoother, bug free experience.

    We hope to see you all on next Friday at 3pm EST (You can find this in your timezone by searching the time in Google)

    New Builds

    PMine Revamp
    Every player will get a FREE Private Mine this season. Yes, for free! For those of you who may already have a Private Mine you’ll be upgraded to a Premium Private mine. Premium Private owners will be able to set the tax for their mine, choose from one of many themes, and will be advertised on /realms for players to go to. You’ll also be able to prestige your Premium Private Mine, gaining rewards such as EToken boosts, Sell boosts, Experience boosts and theme unlocks!

    Every 8 hours a supply drop will fall from the sky and will require 5 minutes to be unlocked after being right clicked. Once the crate is unlocked the first person to right click the crate will reap the rewards. Each kill that you gain will increase the quality of the loot that you will get, up to 26 kills!

    King of the hill
    Every week at 6pm GMT (1pm EST) on Sundays an automated King of the Hill event will be hosted! Here gangs will fight for 10 minutes to capture a 5x5 region. After capturing the area for 10 minutes consecutively the player will receive a “Kings Loot Bag”. Once redeemed you will be rewarded with anything from ETokens to Path Levels as well as exclusive KOTH items!

    New Trading system
    No more being scammed! Use /trade to trade items. You will be able to preview each of the items being traded after which both participants will have to agree on the items being traded!

    PvP Mine
    Risk it all by attempting to mine at the PvP mine! Here you will be able to farm crate keys, cases, kits, ETokens and XP. However be prepared for some resistance as many players will want to compete for this prized spot!

    No more sell signs! The market is the only place where you can get good deals on beacons and ETokens! Users can use /market view (name) to see other users listings!

    This season we will be adding many events, some of these will be based on community achievements. Every 1000 votes a crate key would be given out to every player and every 500 votes a global booster will be activated! In addition to this, there will be 2 envoys daily spreading loot across the map. There will also be a collection of events hosted by staff ranging from parkour to sumo with plenty of rewards to be won.

    Voting rewards
    We have now decided to buff voting rewards, voting will be a very powerful thing this season, with the rewards you can receive from the crates

    Mythical Minecrates have been added
    Two tiers of robots have been added to voting crates
    Quarries have been revamped and balanced and will be released week one of the feature updates
    Real estate has been removed
    Gemstones has been removed
    GKits have been moved onto /kits
    Bosses have been added back onto the store
    Pickaxes are now tradable
    Omnitools have now been put into /kits
    EToken pouches have been added back to kits
    Beacons can be withdrawn using notes
    And more

    Rule Changes
    Bots are now disallowed, you are not allowed to use bots to advertise
    Account sharing is now disallowed, as pickaxes are tradable.
    Robots, as well as other in-game items, will now no longer be refunded from being scammed, use /trade to make sure you do not get scammed.

    Much more coming very soon..
    We’ve been swamped since we began with this release and we knew it wouldn’t be the end. We plan to release a content update to the realm every Saturday after the 2nd week following release.

    These content updates will include new content like:

    Gang hideouts
    Casino (Revamped)
    And more to come

    Be sure to join our Discord for all kinds of updates, giveaways and key-all information! We also consistently post updates and giveaways on Twitter, so be sure to give us a follow there too.
    See you all next Friday.​