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    Pacific Prison Holiday Season - This Friday, December 20th @ 3PM EST!


    Friday, December 20th at 3PM EST.

    (You can find this in your timezone by searching the time in Google)


    Hey prisoners!

    Over the last 6 weeks, even before I became apart of this network the team has been preparing for this release. We have worked hours on this realm and we’re happy to say this is one of the best experiences MCPrison has to offer so far. We have so much planned for this realm beyond just the release and we hope to see you all join and if you haven’t already, become apart of our wonderful community.
    We’ve introduced some exciting new content, as well as cleaned the entire realm up and improved on multiple aspects when it comes to basic features. More information can be read below.

    See you all on Friday, this release is going to really complete this magical Holiday we have coming up.

    This thread may be updated with new features, screenshots and more throughout the next couple days. Keep your eyes peeled and check back occasionally to get exclusive teasers!

    New Builds ❄

    All Bugs Fixed
    I’m sure a lot of you have already noticed but we spent a good part of November focusing on cleansing the realm from all the bugs we could find. I think we’ve done a great job of this but of course some things could’ve slipped. You can view a full list of bugs fixed in our #change-log channel on our Discord.
    If you do happen to run across a bug, please report it on our Discord immediately for a reward.

    Admiral Rank
    We have now finally decided to introduce a new rank. Admiral Rank will now be the top rank around, more details can be found here where you can also purchase the rank within 12 hours of this being posted and take advantage of our limited time release sale!

    New Enchants
    We have now decided to introduce four new enchants, these should amplify your experience mining and make your pickaxe a whole lot more spicy!
    • E-Token Master: Gives you the chance to find a bulk of extra E-Tokens while mining.
    • Booster Finder: Gives you the ability to find random player boosters while mining.
    • XP Grinder: While mining this enchant will drop random orbs of XP.
    • Haste: Haste is now available all the way up to level 5.
    Quarries are an extension to private mines, quarries will let the player gain XP/Money when they are offline or online. Depending on the drill bit, will depend on the block break radius. Quarries can be upgraded for speed, capacity and drill, Quarries will have a GUI based upgrade system just like robots.

    We're also doing a release giveaway and giving away 2x Admiral ranks to some lucky winners.

    Much more coming very soon..
    We’ve been swamped since we began with this release and we knew it wouldn’t be the end. We plan to release a content update to the realm every Saturday after the 2nd week following release.

    These content updates will include new content like:
    • Bloodbath
    • King of the Hill
    • All new trading systems
    • PvP Mines
    • Blackmarket
    • Voting Envoys and much more!
    ✤ Conclusion
    I just want to thank everyone for being apart of this community because I sure am happy to be apart of it. I hope to see you all online Friday, let’s see who will run the new Pacific Prison!
    Be sure to join our Discord for all kinds of updates, giveaways and key-all information! We also consistently post updates and giveaways on Twitter, so be sure to give us a follow there too.
    See you all Friday.

    Much love,
    Julian <3
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