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    pacific | blocks and treasures revamp

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    blocks and treasures revamp

    Explain the suggestion.
    I joined the server a few days ago and noticed something as I increased my proc rate. Treasures don't open any faster. Obviously this makes sense as you can be breaking that many every few seconds. My proposal Is to keep the blocks mined stat unchanged, (blocks broken directly by the player) and to make the treasures be affected by all proc blocs (blocks from explosions affect the treasure progress). There could be a new command say, /treasure(s) which opens a menu that can toggle between treasure types, again say maybe 2.5k, 50k, 1m. The lower treasures can give some thousands of tokens while the higher ones have chances for keys, beacons, robots, etc. I think this would help give a sense of progressiveness and a way to make the treasures relevant at all levels.