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    Forum Rules


    Well-known Explorer

    Official Forum Rules

    This thread contains the official MCPrison forum rules. The things that you can be punished for and the punishments are listed below. 18 Points is a ban until the points run out. All points last for a month other than the ones that are listed as permanent.

    Advertising is not allowed
    Any form of advertising is not allowed. This includes non-Serayne owned servers' IPs, forums & buycraft stores, other webstores, scam links, phishing sites and malware sites.
    First Offence | 18 Permanent Points + Posts Removed

    Excessive trolling or toxicity is not allowed
    Trolling continuously, being toxic continuously or disrupting the forums is not allowed. Excessive fake applications and malicious impersonation fall under this rule.
    First Offence | 18 Permanent Points + Posts Removed

    Ban evading is not allowed
    Coming online with another forum account while your main account is banned, for a purpose other than appealing a ban, is not allowed.
    First Offence | 18 Permanent Points Given To Alt

    Hacking, DDoSing or DOXing is not allowed
    Hacking into others' forum accounts, DDoSing them or leaking their personal information on the forums is not allowed.
    First Offence | 18 Permanent Points

    Racism or sexism is not allowed
    Using racial slurs falls under this rule.
    First Offence | 6 Points

    Disrespectful or inappropriate content not allowed
    Anything that disrespects, bullies or offends others to a large extent is not allowed. Joking about this not allowed either.
    First Offence | 3 Points

    Excessive swearing is not allowed
    First Offence | 2 Points

    Post farming is not allowed
    Posting more than 2 very short or pointless posts, less than 24 hours apart, is not allowed. The posts will be removed.
    First Offence | 3 Points + Posts Removed

    Necroposting is not allowed
    Posting on a thread where the last post was more than 15 days old is not allowed.
    First Offence | 2 Points + Thread Locked

    Double posting is not allowed
    Posting two or more posts in a row on any public thread is not allowed. Simply use the edit button.
    First Offence | 1 Point + Posts Merged

    Last Updated: Saturday 5th September 2020
    Not open for further replies.