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    Feature Update | Paths

    This thread will explain everything you need to know about Paths on the Aegean Realm.

    The main objective of paths is to allow you to get special abilities whilst grinding to get them to a higher level! The more you mine, the more you'll get experience under your selected path. As you level up higher and higher the progression also gets higher.

    There are three current paths on the server, always with the ability for more to be added in the near and distant future, so remember if you have any suggestions on any new ones be sure to join our discord here and suggest them!

    You are able to access the path menu by doing /path in-game!

    Buffing Miner

    This path has the focus of buffing yourself and those around you with short term buffs that progressively become better! There are 3 talents inside this tree.

    EToken Buff -
    This allows you to get more etokens as you proc different different temporary boosters! As you increase the level the buffs will get stronger, with a longer duration, a better multiplier and more!

    Sell Buff -
    This allows you to get more for your loot when you sell your mine blocks to the sell npcs! As you level this up you will gain different sell boosters with stronger multipliers, better multipliers and more!

    Pickaxe Buff -
    This allows you to get better enchantment odds as you proc this! There will be periodic times where a specific enchantment on your pickaxe get stronger for short bursts of time, again increasing and getting stronger as you level up the talent.

    Pet Miner
    This path has the focus of summoning a pet and buffing that pet to help you progress through the walls of the server!

    Pet Mining Buff -
    This allows your pet to mine faster in between breaking blocks, the higher you level up the talent the faster the pet will automatically mine blocks for you!

    Pet Pickaxe Buff -
    This allows your pet to duplicate your pickaxe to use on the block mined! This works in conjunction with the pet mining buff, and will use the enchantments on the pickaxe if one manages to proc!

    Pet AutoSell Buff -
    This allows your pet to automatically sell blocks from your inventory and give you the money in return! This talent will sell x5 items per proc, and is the only path talent without a limit!

    Lucky Miner
    This path is focused around luck! It has the ability to earn more loot cases, as well as leveling them up by chance!

    Case Upgrade Buff -
    This allows you to receive a free upgrade of cases found! The chance of this proccing will increase as you level up the talent! I/E an epic case will be converted into a legendary.

    Lucky Cases Buff -
    This allows you to find more mine cases! This is a great addition if you are using it in conjuction with the case upgrade talent! Chances of finding will increase as you level up the talent.

    Pouch Doubler Buff -
    This allows you to have the chance to earn double bubble from pouches on the server! This is a great addition if you seem to have a lot of pouches to unlock!

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