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    We are proud to announce that Atlantic will be revamped on Saturday, June 19th at 3:00 PM EST!

    After countless weeks of testing, We are finally ready to announce a new and better Atlantic! This new Atlantic will have everything that you love the old Atlantic and more! We've been focusing on renovating older parts of the server to match the same quality we've been putting out the past few weeks to get you the best prison experience there is!

    Please do remember that Atlantic currently will go into legacy, so if our new Atlantic isn't your style, you can still play the old one!

    Now onto the good stuff that you all want to see!

    Key Changes And Features

    Enchanting Revamp
    We've noticed that adding more and more enchants each season makes it more confusing with what enchant to start out with and level up, to start with now, all players will start out with just 4 enchants and will unlock more as they level up their pickaxe! We've added 5 more brand new enchants with this too! Napalm Strike, Earthquake, Seismic Charge, Demolition Squad, and Neutron Star. We've also removed Tsunami and Beaconator. Check the spoiler below for gifs of the new enchants and enchantment system!

    New Enchant Earthquake
    Natural diasaster hits your pmine, causing several tremors across your mine, sucking up and destroying thousands of block lives :(

    New Enchant Napalm Strike
    Call in an air strike that ignites your PMine, shooting TNT from all sides of your pmine, setting fire to the area below!

    New Enchant Seismic Charge
    Drop a bomb from a future century, incinerating a huge area of your pmine at once! Right click the bomb to create an even bigger explosion.

    New Enchant Demolition Squad
    Call in a team of specialized explosive experts to carefully disintegrate your pmine!

    New Enchant Neutron Star
    A nearby star collapses in your PMine creating a giant hole in your pmine throwing blocks out in all directions!

    Booster Revamp
    EToken Boosters have been a part of MCPrison for a while now and we thought it was time for a change. Instead of having just 2 boosters, only one of which has value, we've scrapped them both and added 4 more boosters that you'll be able to obtain. Proc Rate boosters, Autominer Boosters, Robot Boosters, and Lucky Boosters.

    Cities and Paths
    Like boosters, paths have been something that hasn't been touched or changed from their original state for a while now, with a few path types giving any real benefit. Since then we've scrapped paths and merged them with cities and boosters. Every player will get their own unique city, where they can manage 4 zones that will passively produce their boosters.
    Each zone will produce different types of boosters from above and will level up over time, producing better boosters.
    Increase how many workers you have by having a higher rank and increase their productivity by getting a better leader! Each leader will give buffs for certain zones and increase the number of boosters you would be getting!
    As each zone levels up the buildings will upgrade getting better and bigger, giving your NPCs more area to work with!

    Paths will be removed with this update.

    Rank Up Changes
    This Atlantic season we saw issues with players ranking up way too quickly from being given too many ETokens. We've changed the ranking to require certain amounts of blocks broken for each rank.

    Spawn Changes
    The themed spawns last season were a hit! Along with getting new spawns we've selected two of the most used spawns from last season to be used for this season too! These two spawns are the beach and the city spawns!​

    Eco Changes
    Last season ranking up got expensive, very expensive. We've rebalanced ranking up as a whole to be smoother, rank 400 will be something that will be achievable for the biggest grinders to get to! Enchant prices have also been rebalanced slightly to fit the new enchant revamp, later enchants will cost much more to level up but will offer better rewards.

    Changes since the start of last season

    Pets will be your personal companions that will follow you everywhere you go, leveling up and giving your enchants buffs similar to crystals. There will be 5 tiers of pets: common, rare, epic, legendary, and mythical!
    Each pet tier will have its own unique abilities, ranging from speeding up your autominers to wiping out your whole mine! The higher tier pet it is, the more abilities it will have!
    Pet crates will reward you with a random tier pet with a random mob that you can uncover! If you're not happy with the tiers you have you can always breed two pets of the same tier together with a chance of getting a mutation to the next tier!

    New Enchant - Invasion
    Summon an army of Endermen to run across your PMine stealing chunks of blocks out of the ground and giving them to you! Mine a chest in the middle afterward before it expires to 10x the blocks you get from it!

    New Enchant - Toxic Sludge
    A huge slime drops from the sky jumping around your mine and breaking the blocks below it, then breaking into smaller slimes jumping around breaking the blocks below them!

    Beacon Mines
    Every few hours meteors will fall from the sky landing at one of three locations. Each of these meteors are made of enriched beacons which give lots more beacons than normal! Be careful as some mobs will land with the meteor and defend it!

    As you make your way down the ravine, more difficult mobs will spawn, with higher health and damage! As they get more difficult the number of beacons they give will increase! Careful of the boss at the end, the Iron Enforcer will use 3 different abilities to defend itself, a homing missile, shockwave and lightning. Best to team up with some friends against this one!

    Make sure to join the discord (https://discord.gg/mcprison) to get weekly updates on what's happening as well as engage with the MCPrisons community!​