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    1. CrushyIce


      You can obtain a new city leader randomly in a monthly crate. To my knowledge this is the only way to get new city leaders.
    2. CrushyIce

      Can you get a monthly key from vp.

      It is not possible to get a monthly key from a vote party. The only ways you can get one ingame are /giveaways or from gkits.
    3. CrushyIce

      My Robot Disapeared

      You can also make a ticket on the discord if you are still having problems.
    4. CrushyIce

      All realms | More backpack upgrade choices

      What I would recommend is doing the math for how much you need to upgrade it. Then I would withdraw the amount and then separately do /withdrawall for any remaining et. Then you can claim the note with the amount you want to upgrade with and press “Q” to upgrade all.
    5. CrushyIce

      How to rank up

    6. CrushyIce

      How do i get my armor back when i lose it in pvp

      Sadly there is no way to get your armor back unless you pay for it or kill the person who killed you.
    7. CrushyIce

      How to use a 1 path level token?

      It is automatically applied to your path level. You can look at your path level with /path.
    8. CrushyIce


      It doesn't matter if you target someone, it still might offend people.
    9. CrushyIce

      salvaging crystals | salvaging crystals

      If you do /salvageall first it will show how much you get if you were to salvage all.