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    1. orangepenguin23

      AG is owner

      AG is owner
    2. orangepenguin23

      How do you make a nshop?

    3. orangepenguin23

      How do you make a nshop?

      You can get an npc shop through /buff. Once you buy the shop you can place it on your plot and tada people can now sell to your npc shop using /nshop open your ign. You can configure your nshop using /nshop open your ign or clicking on your shop. Love, Penguin
    4. orangepenguin23

      Who actually uses the forums?

      Don't look at me pls, its scaring me
    5. orangepenguin23

      How to get/make beacon robot?

      Yes there are beacon robots. You obtain them from lucky blocks
    6. orangepenguin23

      Hi i'm Wolch

      Hi wolch
    7. orangepenguin23

      who deleted my forum message about the moonrise skin.

      I reccomend opening a ticket in the discord. Its an easier way to get support, link is in the right corner
    8. orangepenguin23

      Atlantic | Legendary Enchantment

      Unlike your signature says you don't love everyone and everything because you don't love this suggestion @Pwck
    9. orangepenguin23

      [GUIDE] Basic Information for a starter.

      I agree completely
    10. orangepenguin23


      https://www.mcprison.com/forums/threads/itsrelyts-introduction.3460/#post-7669 Everyone go respond to this forum post now!
    11. orangepenguin23

      ItsRelyt's introduction

      Welcome @Tyler! I hope you enjoy your stay at MCPrison, one of the best Prison servers around! I also love F1NN5TER, what an amazing streamer!
    12. orangepenguin23

      Monthy crate

      Open a ticket in discord so a staff member can assist you. #tickets
    13. orangepenguin23


      Yea, that's probably a muteable offense. I'd report it to a staff member by opening a ticket in discord
    14. orangepenguin23


      Try going to /robots, picking up the robots then placing them back down.
    15. orangepenguin23

      Sup, I am Hermes

      I would disagree. Muppet was the best mentor.
    16. orangepenguin23

      Do you get vote keys if your not logged in when voting?

      No you dont get vote keys if your not logged in.
    17. orangepenguin23

      [Guide] New Pacific

      @agcol2008 good guide though
    18. orangepenguin23

      [Guide] New Pacific

      @agcol2008 stop being helpful
    19. orangepenguin23

      Need that Explorer Title

      thats the point