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    Pacific Prison Release - This Friday, May 22nd @ 3PM EST!


    Well-known Explorer

    Hey prisoners!
    These past few weeks have been busy for everyone here, working on this Pacific realm release. On release of Pacific realm, we will have new features and new builds! The old map was getting stale and we decided that it would be best to refresh it with all our current features as well as some new ones!


    At the beginning of the Pacific Realm, we will be giving away two Admiral ranks. Head over to our Twitter for more information on how to enter this giveaway. Good luck to everyone.

    New Map

    Pacific realm will be getting a brand new map to serve as a refresher. The map still has the classic underwater theme, but there are connector tubes leading everywhere to make you feel more like you’re in water, we also have a new beacon mine!


    At release of Pacific, there will be outposts for gangs to go capture and contest other gangs for some big gang wide buffs! The outposts will have their very own arena, and offer buffs like a permanent ET buff, money buff and path buff while your gang is capturing the outposts.


    We know you loved bosses, so we’ve decided to include them on the release of Pacific realm! There are different mobs for everyone to fight and get rewards from.

    Prestige Crates

    With Pacific’s release, prestige crates will be a new feature. After every 5 prestiges you will receive a prestige coin which can be redeemed in the PCoin shop for many different tiers of prestige crates.

    Path Rehaul

    On the release of Pacific, there will be a path rehaul that will feel more rewarding for players as they progress through each of the paths. These paths will include a mining path, an oil path and a beacon path.

    Gang updates

    On the old pacific release, gangs were buggy and did not work correctly, this has been fixed since and now will be implemented into pacific! Pacific will have a working /gangtop with gang points what you can buy from /buffingstation, as well as some quality of life things, such as gang friendly fire and gang chat.


    The changelog for pacific can be seen in our discord in #changelogs, a lot of new changes have been implemented to make your experience a lot better!


    Be sure to join our Discord for all kinds of updates, giveaways and key-all information! We also consistently post updates and giveaways on Twitter, so be sure to give us a follow there too.
    See you all Friday.​