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    Recent content by Mxats

    1. Mxats


      Mate I log back onto the forums in like 2 months and I see this, tf is this :( xx your valentine
    2. Mxats

      U have such a sweet mom

      U have such a sweet mom
    3. Mxats

      chu eating cutie

      chu eating cutie
    4. Mxats

      lol fast response

      lol fast response
    5. Mxats

      Pickaxe updating | Disabling pickaxe xp from mining beacons

      Heyo, This does indeed make mining beacons slightly harder, but I'd rather have it fixed then completely removed since it would be kind of unfair against payers mining beacons all the time without having the ability to level their pick axe up. It might even be a cool idea to make it give extra...
    6. Mxats


      lol, have a nice stay on the forums :p
    7. Mxats

      Hi nerds

      Hey there, Hope you have a great stay on the forums!
    8. Mxats

      Rank transfer

      What do you need help with?
    9. Mxats

      Rank transfer

      I'm pretty sure ranks don't transfer anymore, you can always make a ticket in the discord to double check :) Best regards Mxats
    10. Mxats

      Thrillers Introduction

      Welcome to the forums and to the server, hope you have a wonderful stay over here! Best regards Mxats
    11. Mxats

      Hey! -_-

      I agree
    12. Mxats

      It shouldn't, what error message do you recieve?

      It shouldn't, what error message do you recieve?
    13. Mxats

      Hey! -_-

      Welcome to the forums, good luck on your application if you're applying! :D
    14. Mxats


      Since I see you online mining I assume you got in?
    15. Mxats

      Ban Appeal

      Hey there, first off all overall putting weight on your mouse is bannable. If you'd like to appeal your ban, may I ask you to go into the DISCORD And type:"-new" in #tickets so we can talk more privately about this with you. Locked.