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    We are proud to announce that Atlantic will be revamped on Saturday, October 9th at 3:00 PM EST/8:00PM GMT!

    After countless weeks of testing, We are finally ready to announce a new and better Atlantic! This new Atlantic will have everything that you love the old Atlantic and more!

    Please do remember that the current Atlantic will go into legacy, so if our new Atlantic isn't your style, you can still play the old one!

    Now onto the good stuff that you all want to see!

    Key Changes And Features

    Coins and Store Revamp
    Over the next few months, we will be transferring to a coin-based store system for all our realms. Rather than purchasing items and ranks directly off the store, you will be able to purchase coins which can then be used in our new in-game store system. You will be able to bulk purchase coins to gain a discount as well as seasonal sales will be back!

    Quarries will come with every PMine, every few seconds they will shoot a beam into the atmosphere and summon a random enchant onto your mine, breaking blocks and wreaking havoc across your mine. You can upgrade the fortune and the frequency of these effects using shulker upgrades obtained from mining and pve! You can upgrade the other enchants with E-Tokens, like the Tornado, Acid Rain, Hail, Lightning Storm as well as Jackhammer, Explosive, and Laser!

    Tired of just doing the same thing over and over? Receive 3 challenges a day to complete for your pass ranging from killing bosses to merging robots. Each one giving you XP for your pass, letting you unlock rewards! Rewards ranging from E-Tokens to a Monthly crate! Coins will also be spread throughout the battle pass, with the tier 100 reward giving enough to buy back to pass!

    The original 3 enchants haven't been changed in a while and as some of the OG players may remember they had different effects back then too! Jackhammer, Explosive, and Laser will now all have a chance to proc new effects, similar or the same to the original ones once past level 5000, and the chances for these effects will keep on increasing all the way to level 10000, destroying more blocks in newer and better ways!

    Robot Changes
    Robots have been a little underwhelming for a few seasons now, this season, they'll be changing for the better! Robots will work in your city and will have a section dedicated to them. They will explore caves and bring back E-Tokens for you. You will still be able to upgrade each one individually, as well as upgrades for all your robots at once! Watch as your robots bring you more E-Tokens than ever before!

    Bedrock Support
    We've fixed the issues with bedrock proxies timing out and now offer a strong, stable connection, bringing all bedrock players a smooth experience.

    Make sure to join the discord (https://discord.gg/mcprison) to get weekly updates on what's happening as well as engage with the MCPrisons community!
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